Why Squarespace?

I’m so glad you asked! SquareSpace is a great platform that offers simplicity, security and it integrates with just about everything you need. You can read more about why we choose SquareSpace here.

How did you learn about SEo, websites and marketing?

I learned about marketing through obsessively researching, getting extensive coaching, and practicing on my own business website, QA Prep. I’m also a member of SquareSpace Circle, a support network for SquareSpace website designers, and certified in Google Analytics. I frequently attend trainings and purposely seek out new information in the online marketing space.

Do you build Wordpress sites?

At this time, no. WordPress is often overly complicated and unnecessary for a therapist or counselor who wants to easily manage their own site. So, we’re keeping it simple for now. I’m also happy to offer referrals to WordPress website developers I trust.

Do you offer other services?

We offer some flexibility for therapists who need support with other online management services, such as writing blog posts, managing social media, or setting up your email marketing system. The most important consideration is: What do you need? Contact us and we can chat to see if we’re able to help with whatever that might be.