There’s a secret that most helping professionals don’t know about… Marketing can be fun!

>> Yes, even if you’re introverted, shy or don’t like talking about yourself <<

The key to enjoying marketing is also the key to making your marketing efforts successful… Create a marketing strategy that builds on your personal strengths, rather than forcing yourself to do things that make you feel out of place.

You can enjoy marketing if you do it your way… but without any training or experience, how do you even learn what your way of marketing is?

That’s where I come in ;)

I’m Dr. Maelisa Hall, licensed psychologist and online business owner. I DIY’ed my online marketing strategy for years and fell in love with the process.

I also learned a LOT about things like branding, SEO, blogging, social media, tracking website analytics, and networking. My brain works best on the bigger picture tasks and I love reading and talking about marketing strategy.

I’ll help you create a marketing plan that uses your strengths so you get consistent referrals and I’ll teach you about helpful tools that can make your marketing so much easier.

I’d love to support you in this process and help you feel confident about marketing your private practice.

TL;DR Version:  I’m Dr. Maelisa Hall, a licensed psychologist with a brain for marketing strategy and I want to help you feel confident marketing your private practice!

TL;DR Version: I’m Dr. Maelisa Hall, a licensed psychologist with a brain for marketing strategy and I want to help you feel confident marketing your private practice!

Here’s how we create your perfect marketing plan…

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Step 1:


Click on the button below to get the process started right away and make your payment. You’ll schedule your 60 minute meeting with me and then fill out an in-depth questionnaire so I can get started now and make the most of our meeting.

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Step 2:


I’ll personally review your website, social media channels, your general online presence and anything else you identified in your application. Then I’ll create a preliminary outline of suggestions based on your expertise, location, marketing style, and long-term goals.

therapist marketing step 3.png

Step 3:


We’ll meet via video conference and review your marketing goals, identify improvements for your website, prioritize which marketing tasks to do first, and create a year-long, monthly marketing plan that you can implement right away.

Once your marketing plan is set, you’ll know exactly what to post on social media, write about in your blog, or adjust on your website.

You’ll also know which networking events to focus on and where to look for collaboration so your time spent marketing in person will compliment your online marketing.

Yup, we’ll cover it ALL!

Click below to schedule your assessment and create a marketing plan that makes you excited to market your practice!

Price: $497

Everything below is included in your marketing assessment & PLan:

  • 60 Minute Virtual Meeting

  • Feedback on website design, framework and usability

  • Guidance on website copy to attract clients

  • Guidance on localized SEO

  • Feedback on directory listings

  • Feedback on social media channels

  • Creation of your personalized monthly marketing plan (to use for the next 12 months)

  • Recording of your meeting so you can reference it whenever you want

I’d love to help you create your marketing plan!

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Have some questions before we get started? No problem!

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