Sit back, relax, and let us handle the technology for you!

Although SquareSpace is one of the easiest and most comprehensive website platforms to use, you are a business owner with a FULL schedule and regularly updating your website may not be the best use of your time.

That’s why we offer a monthly SquareSpace Website Maintenance program so you can focus on doing what you do best, serving clients.

How it works:

You send us a support request through our online form, upload any documents or pictures we need for your request right there in the form, and we get to work fulfilling your request in one business day!

What’s included:

Common requests include scheduling or publishing a blog post you’ve written, adding or updating content for your website, updating an events page or scheduler, connecting Google accounts to your website, adding a new services page, and more. Basically, if it’s a change to your website, other than the types of things identified below, we’ve got you covered.

What’s not included:

Think website maintenance, not creation, for the types of support requests. That means things like copywriting, searching for pictures, creating graphics, writing blog posts, or consulting on SEO and marketing are NOT included in the monthly Website Maintenance package.


Spend your time doing what you LOVE, not updating your website!

Website Maintenance Monthly Program


If you are not a current website client, we always start with a free consultation to make sure this is the best fit. Click below to get started!

website maintenance includes everything below:

Unlimited* support requests

Email support and, when necessary, phone or live video support

Monthly website backup

Monthly website analytics report

Quarterly SEO audit, with recommended changes implemented on your website

BONUS: We will connect your Google accounts, if needed (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business, and email)

Answers to Your FAQs:

How much support is included in the monthly package?

You get unlimited requests*… with an asterisk. That means we have a few healthy boundaries so everyone stays happy:

  1. Requests need to fall in the category of website maintenance, not website or content creation or marketing consulting. Yes, there can be a little crossover sometimes. For example, if you send us something to add to your website but we know it’s not a great fit with the brand you’re already presenting or that it will negatively impact your SEO in some way, we will absolutely tell you! But if you need someone to write your blog posts for you, craft an SEO or marketing strategy, or move all your content from one platform to another, that is a different type of service that we’d still love to help with… but it will likely cost a bit more than $99/month, just sayin.’ Schedule a call with us and we can talk about what you need.

  2. Requests should be something that takes about 15 minutes for our experts to complete. Keep in mind that a task that might take you 45 minutes might only take us 15 minutes because this is what we do all day. Win-win! If you ever have questions about this, just ask and we’ll guide you.

  3. You can submit multiple requests in a day, but we ask that those requests do not equal more than four hours of work.

Will you help with my WordPress website?

No, we only work with SquareSpace websites. If you’d like help creating a new website that is easier for you to manage on your own, and if it seems like the best recommendation for your practice, we’d love to chat about helping you make the transition to SquareSpace. Book a free consultation and we can offer some recommendations or referrals.

If SquareSpace is great for DIY, why would I need someone for website maintenance?

We love SquareSpace and can absolutely teach you how to manage things on your own, but we also know that 1) Not everyone wants to DIY their website and 2) Scheduling blog posts, adding and arranging new web pages, or updating your contact info is not always the best use of your time as a clinician or as a business owner.

You can have a SquareSpace website that you feel confident updating on your own, if needed, PLUS a team to support you so that you never get sucked into the dark whole of never-ending website editing. It happens to the best of us ;)

If you still have more questions, book a FREE call with us and we’ll talk about what is a best fit for you.

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