You know having a great website and online presence will make it easier to get clients but there are three main problems…

#1 You’re not sure where to start when it comes to websites or online marketing and it feels like so much work.

# 2 You’re not sure how to translate your expertise into client-friendly marketing terms.

#3 You don’t know who you can trust and who will get you real results.

I get it, I see you, and I know exactly how to help.


Hi, I’m Dr. Maelisa Hall, a licensed psychologist and online business owner obsessed with digital marketing.

I grew my first business 100% online, despite having zero technical or marketing experience when I started in 2014.

Always managing my first website on my own, QA Prep continues to receive the majority of website traffic from organic (non-paid) Google search… it performed well before I become SEO certified and now performs even better.

I’m passionate about sharing what I’ve learned to help the mental health profession move forward. I’d love to help you create a beautiful website that highlights your strengths and attracts your ideal clients, especially if you’re not a digital maven or marketing pro.

I know that learning about all this stuff can be overwhelming and that’s why I started My Digital Maven to help!

We currently offer services to help with:

Websites for therapists

We handle everything for you, including the tech set up, professional branding, beautiful graphic design, effective copy writing and SEO optimization.

SEO for therapists

We review your online presence and give you honest (but kind) feedback on how to improve things like your website, social media accounts, and online directory profiles.


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we will make your online marketing easy and profitable.

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Not sure where to start with marketing your therapy practice?

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