SquareSpace for Therapist Websites: What We Recommend

I was THAT person… the one who messed up settings on the projector, the computer, the kitchen timer, basically anything that was technical or electronic.

However, I was assigned a position at an agency where I had to not only learn the technical side of our records system, but had to teach it to employees! In the beginning it wasn’t pretty but I was willing to learn and I actually did learn a lot about things like networks and code and web frameworks.

After a while, I wasn’t THAT person. I was actually helping my husband problem-solve why things weren’t connected properly at home!

So when I decided to start an online business I felt ready to tackle creating my own website. I purchased my domain name and was excited to start creating.

Then websites got complicated.

I had a domain name (the web address starting with “www.”) but apparently I now needed “hosting” and then needed to install Wordpress and then needed to select a theme and an SSL certificate… and somehow, these things would all talk to one another.

I read blog posts and watched videos on how to set all this up and it still didn’t make sense to me. Worst of all, I knew enough to predict that I could probably try it out but if something went wrong, I would have no clue how to fix it.

Thankfully, I bought my domain through GoDaddy and they have a website builder. Sweet!

I got started but quickly discovered GoDaddy’s website builder had limitations.

First of all, they had a very limited number of design options. If I knew anything it was that I wanted a PRETTY site and so this was frustrating. However, I was able (after many hours) to create something I actually liked.

Until I needed to set up a blog… the only way to do it was to create a Wordpress blog and then link it to the website.

It was clunky and it wasn’t nearly as pretty as I wanted. I was seriously irritated.

But I knew that I needed to blog so I made it work.

Then my business coach suggested I move my GoDaddy site and Wordpress blog over to SquareSpace because everything would be integrated. I wouldn’t have to worry about hosting or connecting anything and they had dozens of templates to choose from.

I was immediately sold.

I liked SquareSpace early on but it wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns. I remember trying to adjust a color and getting frustrated. Then my coach walked me through how to set up the Style Editor and I was like, “Ooooohhh… this is actually way better!”

But I was glad that I had someone who could spend an hour walking me through all the things SquareSpace could do.

Seriously, after that meeting I was off and running!

More than four years later, I still love SquareSpace and use it for my own websites.

Because it’s easy to set up, everything is one place, it helps you easily optimize your SEO, you can add almost anything you want (blog, podcast, movies, art gallery, etc.) and… it’s PRETTY.

It’s the perfect solution for the therapist who wants to literally click a button and have all their website framework and content in one area… without needing to actually set it all up or connect them together.

You can even click a button to add a HIPAA-secure gmail account that ends with your domain name (like hello@mydigitalmaven.com).

And when you need to connect other accounts, like your practice management system (EHR), all you need to do is copy the link they give you and insert into SquareSpace wherever you want the link to show up.

Four years later I know a LOT more about websites. I even manage a WordPress site for a monthly membership I run.

And four years later I keep going back to SquareSpace being the number one option for therapist websites.

If you’re a therapist who wants a website set up for you because you simply don’t have the time to research how to make an amazing site, then click here to get started.

We’ll create your SquareSpace website so you have a beautiful therapist website that is SEO optimized and personalized to you and your practice. You’ll be proud to share it with friends, family, colleagues and clients.

And yes, it will be mobile optimized, too… without me doing a thing! Because SquareSpace sets that up automatically.

Most importantly, your website will actually get you clients because we create a beautiful design AND help you create engaging copy (the website term for words on your website).

Then we walk you through making your own changes and updates along the way so your site stays optimized for SEO and you feel confident about anything you want to change later.

Creating your therapist website doesn’t have to be complicated, scary or overwhelming. We’re here to help!